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Last update : July 23, 2014
IPBC 2014 in Grenoble,
rich program and international experts
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From October 29th to 31st 2014, the International Pulp Bleaching Conference (IPBC) will be organized in Grenoble. This is the only global conference reporting on the latest technological and scientific advances in the bleaching of kraft, sulphite pulp and chemical and textile uses.

Anne Pandolfi (July 2014)

An international high-level conference to a diverse audience

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International Pulp Bleaching Conference

It brings together all stakeholders in this topic. Previously biennium, it is now organized on a three-year rate. The last edition was held in Portland (Oregon) in 2011. The IPBC is aimed at a diverse international audience: producers of pulp and cellulose, suppliers of equipment and chemicals, academics and researchers.

The speakers represent a wide range of countries: China, Finland, Sweden, Canada, USA, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Austria, Portugal, Spain and, of course, France with the participation of several researchers from the LGP2 laboratory of Grenoble INP-Pagora and the Centre Technique du Papier.

The conference will begin on October 29th in the afternoon at the Art Museum of Grenoble, with a session on the general outlook. Petri Vasara (Technology Director, Pöyry Management Consulting, Finland) will present a conference on “Bleaching in the age of biomaterial”. Mats Backman (R&D Director Business Area Pulp, UPM, Finland) will discuss about “What does it take to be able to implement new processes?” Tony Johnson (Business Director - Forest Industries, Beca AMEC, Australia) will address the issue “Risk mitigation in modern fibrelines and bleach plants. How to prevent disasters!“. Denis Sens (R&D Director, Tembec, France) will talk about “Specialty cellulose manufacture: much more than just bleaching”. Finally, Marcelo Rodrigues da Silva (R&D specialist, Fibria, Brazil) will speak about “The scenario of eucalyptus bleaching technology in South America”.

Over the next two days, on the Grenoble University Area, 9 sessions, a total of 30 conferences, will make a complete overview on all issues related to bleaching. In addition, two sessions with 20 posters will complete this program.

See the detailed conference program and the list of posters on the website

International Pulp Bleaching Conference


Christine CHIRAT, IPBC 2014 Program Chair

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