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Last update : May 18, 2009
Pagora Days 2009, what is the future of fibre based biomaterials for packaging ?


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An international workshop will be organised the 2nd & 3rd of July 2009 by Grenoble INP-Pagora, the International School of Paper, Print Media and Biomaterials. For their 8th edition, these Pagora Days – created in 2003 – will deal with: « Future of fibre based biomaterials for packaging? ».

Julien Bras (March 2009)

International workshop

More information
  Biopackaging - biocomposites

Petrol shortage, barrel price variation, environmental breakthrough and society expectation are all arguments to find an alternative solution for fossil resources,… Explaining why scientific research on packaging with biobased materials has intensified. This new biopackaging can be based on natural fibres from wood or hemp for example and with biopolymers like starch based polymers. However, several questions still exist regarding processes and uses of new materials from renewable resources. Moreover, despite their natural advantage, innovative packaging needs to have new functions like increased shelf life or antibacterial effect. Therefore more and more research is focused on active and functional biopackaging.

To fulfil all these requirements several scientific experts from the University and the Industry will share their results in the biomaterial and packaging field during the conferences, the round table or the poster session. Several European projects like SustainPack, FlexpakRenew or SustainComp will also present their strategy and results.


July 2, 2009
Biocomposites & nanocomposites
9h30 Key-note introduction
Biocomposites : new developments & recent advances
Charlyse Pouteau (PEP)

Session 1 - Raw materials for biocomposites

10h00 Why using biomass for composite ? Tutorial Naceur Belgacem (Grenoble INP-Pagora)
10h30 Natural fibres : recent advances ? Tutorial Laurent Augier (Fibres R&D, FRD)
11h00 Coffee break  
11h30 Biopolymers : new directions in packaging ? Tutorial David Placket (RISOE, Danemark)
12h00 Polysaccharide nanocrystals : new filler for nanocomposites ? Tutorial Mohammad L. Hassan (NRC, Le Caire)
Alain Dufresne (Grenoble INP-Pagora)
12h30 Lunch  
Session 2 - Process for biocomposites manufacturing
14h00 Thermoset biocomposite, processes and examples from industry Yves Gardet (Compositec)
14h30 Processes of polymer composites: towards the use of natural fibres Laurent Orgéas (3SR, CNRS)
15h00 Development of wood fibre reinforced cellular composites within SustainComp – a large collaborative European research project Cristian Neagu (EPFL, Suisse)
15h30 Coffee break - Poster session  
Session 3 - Biocomposites properties
16h30 Hygroexpansion of plant-based fiber mats for “green” composites Pierre Dumont (Grenoble INP-Pagora)
17h00 From biocomposite to bionanocomposite, influence of fillers' scale Gilberto Siqueira (Grenoble INP-Pagora)
17h30 Food contact : the state of the art Isabelle Desloges (Grenoble INP-Pagora)
18h00 TekLiCell platform presentation: cocktail  
20h00 Dinner at La Bastille Restaurant  
July 3, 2009
Functional fibre based biomaterials
Session 4 - Functional fibre for biocomposites
9h00 Water-based cellulose fibre modification Elisa Zeno (Centre Technique du Papier)
9h30 Radiation grafting for functionalizing of cellulose, state of the art Sophie Rouif (Ionisos)
140h00 Active fibre based biopackaging : state of the art and examples from SustainPack Julien Bras (Grenoble INP-Pagora)
10h30 Coffee break  
11h15 Round-table - Biomaterials for packaging : is there a place for industrial application ? Chairman : Naceur Belgacem (Grenoble INP-Pagora)
V. Coma (USB2), D. Da Silva (FCBA), P. Dole (UMR FARE), F. Bébien (Ahlstrom), M.J. Villette (Tembec),C. Douki de Boissoudy (Novamont), J.P. Kundura (Lu)
12h15 Lunch  
Session 5 - Functional coating for fibre based packaging
13h45 Starch based barrier coating, example of a new European project "FlexpackRenew" David Guérin (Centre Technique du Papier)
Frédéric Bébien (Ahlstrom)
14h15 Active and anti-microbial coating for biopackaging Véronique Coma (USB2)
14h45 New polysaccharides for bio-active properties Rachel Auzely (CERMAV)
15h15 Microencapsulation : new solution for active properties ? Naceur Belgacem (Grenoble INP-Pagora)
15h45 Conclusion  
16h00 End of workshop  
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