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Last update: September 5th, 2007
IARIGAI 2007 at EFPG: ask the program!

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From  9th to 12th September 2007, EFPG will welcome the 34th IARIGAI International Conference. This international association gathering organizations of common interests and involved in research and technical development in the wider field of printing, information and communication.
EFPG is one of its 45 members
. Under the general subject "Advances in Printing and Media Technology", the conference will offer a lot of new ideas and results in analysing and describing printing processes, materials and quality management as well as new solutions in cross-media publishing, workflow systems and smart packaging.

Anne Blayo (May 23rd, 2007)


More information...
  2007 IARIGAI International Conference, EFPG, Grenoble, France

IARIGAI -- International Association of Research Organizations for the Information, Media and Graphic Arts Industries -- is a world wide non-profit association of research institutes, companies and universities focused on technical research and development in the related fields.
Within this, IARIGAI determined its mission, giving special attention to discipline redefinition, scientific exchange, social interaction, publishing opportunities.
IARIGAI was etablished in 1965 to promote and cultivate the international cooperation of corporate institutions that have the general objectives of research and development for the printing and allied industries. The association nowadays has 45 members in 20 countries.


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Sunday, September 9, 2007 - Auditorium du Musée de Grenoble
Opening Session
3 - 3.20pm Opening of the conference H. Juhola
3.20 - 3.50pm Opening presentation

Polymer nanocomposites reinforced with poly-saccharide nanocrystals

A. Dufresne (LGP2, INPG, Grenoble, France)
Plenary session 1: Industry development and strategies
4.05 - 4.30pm Positioning in the printing industry differentiation in terms of price, lead time, print quality and flexibility T. Mejtoft, M. Viström (STFI-Packforsk and KTH, Stockholm, Sweden)
4.30 - 4.55pm Tabloïd vs. Broadsheet: is format change the magic bullet for newspapers? H.-J. Bucher (University of Trier, Germany)
4.55 - 5.20pm Importance of short production runs, variable data printing and web interfaces M. Viström, T. Mejtoft (KTH and STFI-Packforsk, Stockholm, Sweden)
5.20 - 5.45pm New business models for printed functionality U. Lindqvist, L. Hakola, H. Lilla, P. Moilanen, T. Siivonen (VTT, Espoo, Finland)
18.00 - 19.30 - Concert and Welcome cocktails (Grande galerie)
Monday, September 10, 2007 - EFPG
Introductory session - Keynote lecture 1
9.00 - 9.30am Printed electronics: what to expect ? William J. Ray (Applied Printed Electronics, Holt, MI, USA)

Plenary session 2: Environment and sustainability

9.30 - 9.55am Customer oriented and sustainable printed paper H. Wessman, A. Leinonen, C. Hohenthal-Joutsimo (KCL, Espoo, Finland)
9.55 - 10.20am Energy efficiency improvement for graphic/media SME’s A. Politis, M. Dattner (TEI, Athens, Greece)
10.20 - 10.45am Screening environmental live cycle assessment of printing newspaper, web based newspaper an tablet e-paper newspaper Å. Moberg (STFI-Packforsk and KTH, Stockholm, Sweden)

Session 3A: Offset printing

11.15 - 11.40am  Mechanisms of non-image area accumulation in HSWO S. Passoja, U. Mattila, A. Sneck (KCL, Espoo, Finland)
11.40am - 12.05pm Aquapiling: Coated substrate-related influences on reverse piling from a one-side single colour image in multicolour offset printing P. A. C. Gane, C. J. Ridgway et al. (Omya AG, Oftringen, Switzerland and UPM-Kymmene Research Centre, Lappeenranta, Finland)
12.05 - 12.40pm Aspects on water-induced mottle when printing on coated paper in sheet-fed lithographic offset C. Lie (KTH, Stockholm, Sweden)
12.40 - 12.55pm Predicting print-through in coldset newsprint C. Antoine (LGP2, INPG, Grenoble, France)

Session 3B: Special materials

11.15 - 11.40am Measurement of colour on trans-lucent material viewed by reflection A. Sole, P. J. Green (London College of Communication, London, UK)
11.40am - 12.05pm The problem of a quantitative evaluation of adhesive strength in printing on polymer films V. G. Nazarov, E.B. Bablyuk, B.P. Stolyrov (MGUP, Moscow, Russia)
12.05 - 12.40pm Modification of the polymeric films surface for the quality printing V. G. Nazarov, E.B. Bablyuk, B.P. Stolyrov (MGUP, Moscow, Russia)
12.40 - 12.55pm Color differences on offset printed PET and PVC shrink sleeve labels G. Golob, Diana Gregor (Boštjan Zorz, NTF, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Session 4A: Flexography & gravure

2.00 - 2.25pm Kinetics and thermodynamics of flexographic-plate polymer interaction with low-molecular liquids A. I. Dzhvarsheyshvili, M.K. Sherstneva, V.Yu. Konyukhov (MGUP, Moscow, Russia)
2.25 - 2.50pm Analysis of interferometric data to obtain accurate geometric characterization of engraved cells D. Deganello, T. C. Claypole, D. T. Gethin (WCPC, Swansea, UK)
2.50 - 3.15pm Modelling the anilox-plate micro contact D. Bould, S. M. Hamblyn, J.A. Cherry, T.C. Claypole (WCPC, Swansea, UK)
3.15 - 3.40pm Wavelet automatic classification system of substrates in packaging A. Sanchez-Alandi, V. de Gracia; S. Otero, C. Gomez (AIDO, Paterna, Valencia, Spain)

Session 4B: The printed dot

2.00 - 2.25 pm A micro-scale view of optical dot gain in halftone color prints  D. Nyström, B. Kruse, Li Yang (Linköping University, Sweden)
2.00 - 2.25pm Correcting method of optical dot gain to full color halftone image printed on white paper M. Nonaka, S. Kitazawa (Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Polytechnic University Kanagawa, Japan)
2.50 - 3.15pm The modeling of mechanisms of printed dot physical extension Y. Vinogradov, V. Goobankov, E. Borisenko (St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, St. Petersburg, Russia)
3.15 - 3.40pm Perceptibility of missing dots and unevenness in print M. Kaukonen, M. Malanin, P. Oittinen (HUT, Helsinki, Finland)

Session 5A: Non-impact printing

4.10 - 4.35pm Effect of drops interactions in ink-jet print quality C. Mercier, M. Peralba, M. Dubé, J-F Bloch, P. J. Mangin (CIPP, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada and LGP2, Grenoble, France)
4.35 - 5.00pm New ink absorption method to predict inkjet print quality T. Lamminmäki, P. Puukko (KCL, Espoo, Finland)
5.00 - 5.25pm Digital paper and print surface topology P. Vernhes, A. Blayo, B. Pineaux J-F. Bloch (LGP2, Grenoble, France)
5.25 - 5.50pm A lumped parameter model for thermal conductivity of paper coatings P. Gerstner, J. Paltakari, P.A.C. Gane (HUT, Helsinki, Finland)

Session 5B: Printing inks

4.10 - 4.35pm Time-dependent rheology effects on print quality using water-based ink compositions S. Williams, S. Pieruccini (RIT, Rochester, NY, USA)
4.35 - 5.00pm Study of the rheological behaviour of conventional, hybrid an UV offset inks M. Kaplanova, K. Remenarova, B. Jasurek, J. Valis (UPCE, Pardubice, Czech Republic)
5.00 - 5.25pm Hydrodynamics of ink transfer and ink tack on porous substrates M. Dubé, F. Drolet, J-F. Bloch, C. Daneaultand, P.J. Mangin, (CIPP, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada)
5.25 - 5.50pm Flexographic printing ink performance on coated paperboard under elevated temperatures R. Olsson, L.Yang, M. Lestelius (Karlstad University, Karlstad, Sweden)
Tuesday, September 11, 2007 - EFPG

Session 6A: Color reproduction

9.00 - 9.25am Spectral color reproduction versus color reproduction J. Gerhardt, J.Y. Hardeberg (HIG, Gjøvik, Norway)
9.25 - 9.50am The development of six colour separation algorithms E. H. Jewell, T.C. Claypole, B. Palme (WCPC, Swansea, UK)
9.50 - 10.15am Deriving optimal spectra for standard offset primaries A. Kraushaar (FOGRA, Munich, Germany)

Session 6B: Proofing and standards

9.00 - 9.25am An evaluation of color differences and tolerances in soft proofing J. Laine (VTT, Espoo, Finland)
9.25 - 9.50am Improved proofing method for postage stamps E. Novotny (PNYME, Budapest, Hungary)
9.50 - 10.15am Implementing process color printing by colorimetry R. Chung (RIT, Rochester, NY, USA)

Session 7A: Printed functionality

10.45 - 11.10 am Printing process for lithium-ion electrodes elaboration F. Medlege A. Blayo, H. Rouault, N. Belgacem
(CEA, and LGP2, Grenoble, France)
11.10 - 11.35am Rotogravure and pad printing of microstructures for electronic applications like oFETs W. Till, G. Hübner (Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart, Germany)
11.35 - 12.00am An experimental study to identify key factors affecting the performance of RFID tag antennas Yung-Cheng Hsieh, Hui-Wen Cheng (National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan)
12.00am - 12.25pm Carbon black loaded paper: an intelligent substrate for electronic sensors design R. Koehly M. M Wanderley, T. Van de Ven, D. Curtil (MusicTech, McGill University, Montreal, Canada)

Session 7B: Color and quality assessment

10.45 - 11.10am Achieving color agreement: evaluating the options R. Chung, F. Hsu (RIT, Rochester, NY, USA)
11.10 - 11.35am Comparing corresponding colors L. Mandic, D. Agic, M. Kurecic (FGA, University of Zagreb, Croatia)
11.35 - 12.00am Influence of paper and printing processs on the visual perception and colorimetric characteristics of newsprint T.C. Claypole, E.H. Jewell, N. Wells, P. Casey (WCPC, Swansea, UK)
12.00am - 12.25pm Process variability: optimization and control N. Padalkar, A. Virdhe, R. Oswal (Design Studio, Thomson Digital, Noida, India)

Session 8A: Cross-media

1.40 - 2.05pm Consumer expectations as drivers of media change C. Teljas, A .Jonsson, N. Enlund (KTH, Stockholm, Sweden)
2.05 - 2.30pm Designing community-based print products K. Grenman, M. Forsell, H. Roschier, M. Ylisiurua (KCL and HUT, Espoo, Finland)
2.30 - 2.55pm User centric approach for designing cross media applications in personal photography S. Vihavainen et al. (Helsinki Institute of Information Technology, Helsinki, Finland)
2.55 - 3.20pm Potential applications for hybrid media, the benefits, and the roles in the operations model E. Rusko, L. Hakola (VTT, Espoo, Finland)

Session 8B: Special printing

1.40 - 2.05pm Photoacoustic study of varnished solids printed by different techniques M. Drzkova, J. Hejduk, K. Grolichova (UPCE, Pardubice, Czech Republic)
2.05 - 2.30pm Quality control for printed interference colours - investigation for a basic measuring geometry H. Hupp, E. Dörsam (TU Darmstadt, Germany)
2.30 - 2.55pm Flip flop and spatial (3D) graphics in lenticular technique I. Ziljak, J. Ziljak-Vujic, K. Pap (FGA, University of Zagreb, Croatia)
2.55 - 3.20pm Printing of functional layers using flexography H. Nagel, U. Herzau-Gerhardt (HTWK, Leipzig, Germany)

Closing session 9 - Keynote lecture 2

3.40 - 4.10pm Hybrid document starts to embrace hybrid information F. Gouverneur (Xerox, France)
4.25 - 4.40pm Closing of the conference
Presentation of the 35th International Research Conference
H. Juhola
4.40 - 6pm General Assembly (representatives only)  
8 - 11pm Conference Dinner (Restaurant La Bastille)  
Wednesday September 12, 2007

Industrial tour

9 - 11.30am Visit of the Minatec Innovation Center, first European center for micro and nanotechnology innovation
Minatec came into existence at the instigation of CEA-Leti Grenoble and INP Grenoble. Its ambition is to become Europe’s top center for innovation and expertise in micro and nanotechnology.

For further details, please contact

Dr Mladen Lovrecek, Secretary General
Faculty of Graphic Arts
P.O. Box 225, HR – 10001 Zagreb
Phone: +385 1 237 10 80 (ext.204)
Fax: +385 1 234 10 77

(for general information about the conference)
Dr Anne Blayo, Conference Director
461 rue de la Papeterie - BP 65
38402 Saint-Martin d’Hères cedex
Phone: +33 4 76 82 69 75
Fax: +33 4 76 82 69 33

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