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Last update : December 6th, 2006
IARIGAI 2007: 34th International Conference at EFPG

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On Fall 2007, EFPG will organize the 34th IARIGAI International Conference. This international association gathering organizations of common interests and involved in research and technical development in the wider field of printing, information and communication.
EFPG is one of its 45 members and will welcome the 2007 edition of the IARIGAI conference from  9th to 12th September 2007.

Anne Blayo
(November 27th, 2006)


More information...

IARIGAI -- International Association of Research Organizations for the Information, Media and Graphic Arts Industries -- is a world wide non-profit association of research institutes, companies and universities focused on technical research and development in the related fields.
Within this, IARIGAI determined its mission, giving special attention to discipline redefinition, scientific exchange, social interaction, publishing opportunities.
IARIGAI was etablished in 1965 to promote and cultivate the international cooperation of corporate institutions that have the general objectives of research and development for the printing and allied industries. The association nowadays has 45 members in 20 countries.

« Advances in Printing and Media Technology »

Under the above general title, the conference will accept for presentation scientific or technical papers, presenting original and previously unpublished research related to all aspects of theory, practice, development and effects of technology in media and graphic arts. For this conference, special attention will be given to contributions on :

    Intelligent packaging and labelling.
  Substrates for the new media applications.
  Crossmedia publishing.
  Quality and standards in printing.
  Proofing solutions (digital, soft).

However, contributions are not limited to these areas only and all submissions related to the wider field of media and graphic arts will be considered.

First call for papers

Authors from member organizations, as well as from other research institutes, universities and industrial R&D, are invited to submit results of their research for presentation at the conference. However, only quality papers, not previously published or presented, will be considered. An extended abstract of approximately 1200 words (including 3-5 keywords) should be submitted not later than 5th March, 2007. The abstracts should be informative enough to allow for an evaluation of the scientific and/or technical value of the paper. Therefore, they should include clear statements on

    The objectives of the research.
  Research methods.
  A summary of experimental results.
  Conclusions, clearly indicating the novelty of the paper.

All the abstracts received will be reviewed by two independent experts and accepted or rejected by the Program Committee. All the authors of submitted abstracts will be acknowledged upon the results of the selection not later than 10th May, 2007. The authors of the accepted papers will be asked to send a full text by the end of June, 2006 for publishing in conference preprints. Papers presented at the conference, if submitted on time and meeting general quality requirements for scientific publishing, will be published in Vol. XXXIV of the "Advances in Printing and Media Technology".

Instructions for the submission of extended abstracts can be found under the website www.iarigai.org. Abstract can be submitted from this website as a Word document by following the instructions. The abstract can also be sent directly by e-mail to iarigai.office@grf.hr.


For further details, please contact:

(for submission of papers)
Dr Mladen Lovrecek, Secretary General
Faculty of Graphic Arts
P.O. Box 225, HR – 10001 Zagreb
Phone : + 385 1 237 10 80 (ext.204)
Fax : +385 1 234 10 77
E-mail : iarigai.office@grf.hr

(for general information about the conference)
Dr Anne Blayo, Conference Director
461 rue de la Papeterie - BP 65
38402 Saint-Martin d’Hères cedex
Phone : + 33 4 76 82 69 75
Fax : + 33 4 76 82 69 33
E-mail : Anne.Blayo@efpg.inpg.fr

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