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Last update : March 17th, 2006
EFPG Days 2006  "3D fiber based composites" (in French)

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The EFPG (École Française de Papeterie et des Industries Graphiques) organizes the first Workshop of the SustainPack Sub-Project 5, in the frame of the fifth session of the EFPG Days which will be held on May 10, 2006 at EFPG in Grenoble.
As well as in the previous sessions, this event will present the state of the art and the lastest EFPG research results on these specific topics.

Christine Chirat
(March 16th, 2006)

State of the art and most relevant results obtained in SustainPack SP5 Sub-Project

More information...

The main results obtained so far in the field of 3D composites based on cellulosic fibers in the EU funded SustainPack project will be presented. During this workshop, you will be informed about the state of the art and the last research results obtained in the areas of thermoplastic material based on cellulosic fibers and renewable polymeric matrices, and of cushioning material based on fibers or microfibrillated cellulose and matrices. The ultimate goal is to replace the petroleum based counterparts.

The researchers of the different partners of SP5 will be giving the lectures, and will be answering your questions. The content of the lectures will be specially organized to fit an audience of industry and research and development people interested composites made from cellulosic fibers and renewable matrices, as well as suppliers willing to know about new opportunities for their products or equipments. Time will be left for discussions and exchanges and special care will be taken to make this event most fruitful and enjoyable.

The attached programme gives the list of the topics which will be actually covered.

Programme of the EFPG Days 2006, Grenoble - EFPG, May 10th, 2006

Nr. Title Author(s)
01    Opening remarks. Christine Chirat, SP5 coordinator, EFPG
Kennert Johansson, SustainPack coordinator, STFI-Packforsk (Sweden)
First session - 3D fiber based composites for thermoplastic applications
Chairman: Naceur Belgacem, EFPG
02. General introduction to composite materials made from cellulosic fibers (State of the art) Alain Dufresne, EFPG
03. Review of the different processing techniques used to produce thermoplastic composites (State of the art) Maria Angel Pelach, University of Girona (Spain)
04. Chemical modifications of fibers – Part 1 – Impact on composite properties. Wim Thielemans, EFPG
05. Chemical modifications – Part 2 - Impact on composite properties. Fredrik Berthold, STFI-Packforsk (Sweden)
06. Preparation, properties and potential applications of hybrids from cellulosic fibres and nano-minerals. Paula Alexandrina Marques, University of Aveiro (Portugal)
Second session - 3D based composites for cushioning applications
Chairperson: Patrizia Sadocco, SSCCP (Italy)
07. General introduction to cushioning materials. Lars Berglund, KTH (Sweden)
08. Starch based foam : processing, properties and applications. Anna Svagan, KTH (Sweden)
09. Cushions made from dry-refined fibers. Pirjo Yli-Viitala, University of Oulu (Finland)
Third session - Food contact and recycling ability of the composites
Chairperson: Maria Angel Pelach, University of Girona (Spain)
10. Paper and plastic, compliance with food contact legislation. Assessment and application for innovative composite materials Giovanna Ferrari, SSCCP, Italy
11. Packaging Recyclability according to the European Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (94/62/EC). Material Recycling and Organic Recovery, requirements and application of CEN technical norms to composites. Patrizia Sadocco, SSCCP, Italy
12. Concluding remarks.  


To receive more information about the EFPG Days 2006, contact Christine Chirat: christine.chirat@efpg.inpg.fr

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