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Last update : January 4th, 2006
Fourth "EFPG Days 2005", a huge success  (in French)

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The fourth “EFPG Days” session took place in Grenoble last October during the IP exhibition.
The “EFPG Days” are an annual international workshop aiming at presenting the lastest research results in certain areas that have been researched at the EFPG. Just like the last three sessions, this fourth edition was greatly appreciated by the audience who came from pulp and paper producing companies, equipment and chemical suppliers of these industries and researchers. This fourth session of "EFPG Days" was focus on ozone bleaching, improvement of chlorine dioxide bleaching, and chemical modification of fibres.

Christine Chirat
(January 04th 2006)

"EFPG Days", a large and international audience

En savoir plus ...

The content of the lectures was specially organized to fit an audience of industry people interested in pulp bleaching and fibre chemical modification issues, as well as suppliers willing to know about new opportunities for their products or equipments.
30% of this audience consisted of foreign participants, originating from Brazil, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Slovakia.


Participants of the first day, "EFPG Days 2OO5" Session


Ozone bleaching, improvement of chlorine dioxide bleaching, and chemical modification of fibres

The topics presented at the fourth session included the following :

    Bleaching and treatment of chemical and mechanical pulps with ozone (40% of the presentations). The EFPG has a strong expertise on ozone bleaching and chemistry and participated to several industrial developments. Michel Muguet, Manager / Pulp & Paper Industry, from l’Air Liquide, gave a status of the industrial development of ozone in the pulp and paper industry : 26 mills are using ozone today compared to zero, fifteen years ago;
  New ways to improve chlorine dioxide bleaching. Chlorine dioxide has been the major reagent used to bleach chemical pulps for the last thirty years. There is still room for optimisation of this reagent as it has been shown that about 40% of the chlorine dioxide is wasted in secondary reactions during the bleaching process
  Chemical modification of cellulose fibers to improve their papermaking properties or for new products development and potential of use of micro and nano cellulosic particles. The EFPG has been working on these topics for many years and presented some of their results. For example, different ways to create carboxyl groups on cellulosic fibers, as well as the interest of chemically modifying the surface of fiber for their incorporation in composites for packaging applications were presented.
  Production of micro and nano sized vegetal particles, and their potential usages were also discussed

Next "EFPG Days" Session

Please note that the 5th edition of the "EFPG Days" will be held between May 9-12, 2006 and will focus on the use of cellulose fibres in different composites for packaging application, as part of the European SUSTAINPACK project.

For more information about the next "EFPG Days", please contact : Dr Christine Chirat (Christine.Chirat@efpg.inpg.fr).


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