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Researchers of the LGP2 (EFPG, INPG, CNRS, CTP)
(November 2006)
Documents taken from the
"Scientific Report of the Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Science and Graphic Arts - UMR 5518
Grenoble - France
January 2002-November 2005"

V - Packaging and converting

V - 1 - Introduction

The objective of the Packaging and converting group is to develop knowledge about the properties of complex fluids and solids used in this industrial sector, in order to propose specific treatments to improve the runnability of the processes and the quality of the final products.

The three main topics developed in the packaging and converting group are:

Improving basic knowledge in this field is a necessity for the design, the realisation and the characterization of paper-based packaging. Work on adhesion and coating will benefit the coating processes and the operations where waxes, hot melts, lacquers and seals are used. Paper and paperboard converting and finishing include calendering, tube formation, corrugated board and paperboard manufacturing, flexographic printing, cutting and creasing. The functional properties of the converted products are studied in terms of quality and runnability.

The main studies currently carried out by our group are the following:

Some studies carried out in our group are presented in the next pages.

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